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The Secret To Joy - Embracing Your Season

One of the fastest paths to discontent with your life and resentment with God is not embracing the season you’re in. Not every season is fun, but every season is necessary. Look at nature. Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter all serve specific and unique purposes. You can’t have spring without winter, and you won’t have fall without Summer. God works through seasons. The bible tells us there is a time and season for EVERYTHING. Embracing your season will set you up to have joy, peace, and purpose no matter what you’re facing. However, if you don’t understand what kind of season you’re in then you’ll pursue things out of God’s timing and grow frustrated. You may even begin to feel as if God’s abandoned you…

Why You May Be Struggling To Hear God & How To Push Through It

“Why can’t I hear God?”. I asked myself this question everyday for three months. When I prayed, I heard nothing. When I worshiped, I felt nothing . I constantly wondered how long this would last and if I’d ever feel God’s presence and hear God clearly again. Before I go on, I want to elaborate on what “hearing” God means. I’m not talking audibly hearing his voice. For me, hearing God means having a thought pop into my head that isn’t my own OR having a strong impression to take a very specific action. Everyone hears God differently, so keep in mind what that looks like for you. If you’re experiencing this right now, I want to encourage you. I know it’s frustrating and devastating, but it’s not forever. This is something that can and will change as long as you don’t give up. I won’t pretend to know all the complexities of God’s ways or your situation,

Faith Under Fire: Why Our Faith Must Be Tested

“A faith that cannot be tested cannot be trusted “ - When faced with a situation that tests your faith in God, how do you respond? Many times, our initial prayer is for God to deliver us from the situation. We may even beg Him for it. But I’ve learned that God doesn’t deliver us from a test because the purpose of the test is actually to deliver us. It can be difficult to understand why a good and perfect God allows us to go through trying situations. The reason is simple: sanctification. God is transforming us into the image of His son, Jesus Christ.. We are tested for our good; for the development of our faith. Testing is not something we should despise because it’s a chance to show the genuineness of our faith and glorify our Lord…

According to Your Faith, Let it Be Done. Growing From Limited Faith to Limitless Faith

“God isn’t checking for your bank account he’s checking your faith.”

I saw this on an IG post and it’s been resonating in my spirit ever since. When God calls us to do something bigger than ourselves He's not looking at our finances, ability, social status, etc.. He's looking at our faith. It challenged me to evaluate my own lack of faith in certain areas of my life. How many times do I pray or ask for things according to my ability instead of God’s? How often do I believe something is impossible simply because I don’t have the money or the resources to make it happen? These are the questions I began to ask myself, and here’s the conclusion I came to…

Choosing What is Better - Worship over Work

“There’s a lot to do, but there’s only one to serve.”

That statement struck me at my core. In a culture that values busy and embraces distractions, it’s a fight to focus on what really matters.  For me, there aren’t enough hours in the day to do all of things I want, so I’m forced to choose. Something will have to be postponed until tomorrow, finished at a later time, or forgotten about altogether. In the past, that thing that I often put off, was my alone time with God.  I said I desired Him, but my actions said different. This is the struggle - worship over work. Learning how to choose Jesus over our to-do lists, and make time for Him no matter what.

The Purpose of Your Wilderness Season

A wilderness season is a make or break kind of season. Its purpose is to free you from sin and bondage so you can be transformed into the person God has called you to be.  Going into the wilderness or dessert is rough and it may seem worse than the place you left. You’ll be tempted to go back to your past, not because it’s good, but because it’s familiar. This is a new place with new challenges, and you may not know how to handle them.  It will be tough, nut if you want to progress in God’s plan for your life, it’s necessary. A wilderness is defined as an uncultivated, uninhabited, and inhospitable region. Do any of these things

Let’s Talk About Fasting - It's Not What You Give Up, But You Gain

f you had the ability and power to break free from bondage, to see God do the miraculous in your bleak situation, or receive amazing revelation from God about your life, would you use it? God has given us this power through the gift of His Holy Spirit and gift of fasting. Although we’ve been given this gift, we don’t use it to it’s full ability, and some of us don’t use it at all. Maybe because we don’t understand it, or because it seems too hard. In Matthew 6 Jesus teaches His disciples about prayer and fasting and says to them,“When you fast…”. Did you catch that? He said when not if

When the Holidays Hurt Too Much

When you’re mourning the loss of a loved one, nursing a broken heart, or unable to be with your loved ones during the Holidays, it hurts even more. Scrolling on social media only adds salt to the wound, seeing everyone full of joy and surrounded by the people they love. What about the rest of us? How do we deal with the pain and loneliness we’re feeling? I remember my first Holiday away from my family. My friends had to work and my mom was in another state. I sat on the bathroom floor crying, feeling so alone.

3 Essential Keys to Resting in God and Preventing Spiritual Burnout

Are you worn out? Do you feel weighed down by everything you’re doing or trying to do? I was in the same position a few months ago, juggling so many things and trying my best to please God. It’s not that I was physically tired, more like emotionally and spiritually drained. I kept asking myself, “Why do I feel so tired?“. Then the Holy Spirit said to me, “You’re tired because you’re not resting.”

We all need rest. Without it, we’ll burn out. This principle is true spiritually just as much as it’s true physically. If you’re spiritually drained or overwhelmed it’s likely because you are not resting in God.