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Faith Under Fire: Why Our Faith Must Be Tested

“A faith that cannot be tested cannot be trusted “ - When faced with a situation that tests your faith in God, how do you respond? Many times, our initial prayer is for God to deliver us from the situation. We may even beg Him for it. But I’ve learned that God doesn’t deliver us from a test because the purpose of the test is actually to deliver us. It can be difficult to understand why a good and perfect God allows us to go through trying situations. The reason is simple: sanctification. God is transforming us into the image of His son, Jesus Christ.. We are tested for our good; for the development of our faith. Testing is not something we should despise because it’s a chance to show the genuineness of our faith and glorify our Lord…

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According to Your Faith, Let it Be Done. Growing From Limited Faith to Limitless Faith

“God isn’t checking for your bank account he’s checking your faith.”

I saw this on an IG post and it’s been resonating in my spirit ever since. When God calls us to do something bigger than ourselves He's not looking at our finances, ability, social status, etc.. He's looking at our faith. It challenged me to evaluate my own lack of faith in certain areas of my life. How many times do I pray or ask for things according to my ability instead of God’s? How often do I believe something is impossible simply because I don’t have the money or the resources to make it happen? These are the questions I began to ask myself, and here’s the conclusion I came to…

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Feeling Disconnected From God? Five Questions to Ask Yourself.

It’s a terrible feeling; to feel that you’re not progressing in your relationship with God. There have been times when I sought Him, but he felt far from me. I long to continuously grow in my relationship with God, but sometimes it’s like I hit a road block. I grow frustrated, with Him and myself. If you’ve felt this way too, know you’re not alone.

I don’t have a magic answer as to why or how you got here (only God knows - literally). The following are only a few possible reasons you may feel disconnected from God:

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To The One Who Feels Ashamed and Condemned

There came a time when I silenced God’s voice. When I stepped out of His will and followed my own desires. It began as discontentment, progressed to lying and secrets, and finally ended in depression.  Sin is like that, only showing you the pleasure, never revealing the consequence and pain. It promises you a high, but what you don’t see is depth of the fall. One sin always leads to another.  It starts off small, but ends in devastation.

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Trusting God When Everything is Going Wrong

We often hear sermons and teaching on how God wants to bless us, that He is for us, and that He is faithful to fulfill every promise He has given us.  But let’s be honest, sometimes it’s hard to believe because it’s hard to see.  Often times, the situation we're in takes a turn for the worst instead of the better.  Yes, we are called to walk by faith and not by sight, but practically, what does that look like?

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Hitting Rock Bottom - How it Strengthened My Faith

Rock bottom. I pray it's a place you never have to see. I pray that unlike me you heed to the warnings,  and walk in the Light instead of in darkness. I pray you don't let the temptation get the best of you and take you down a road you never intended to travel. I once was so obsessed with having what I wanted, that I tuned God out altogether.  I silenced His voice, and turned up my own. It didn't happen all at once. No, It was gradual, as most sin is. I trusted my feelings instead of the Truth.

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I May Be Devastated, But I am not Destroyed

Yesterday I woke up feeling empty, as if there was a hole in my chest the size of a crater. I felt sad and honestly I didn't know why.  But I should have.

Today (Feb. 17) is my late father's birthday. Before today, I can't remember the last time I cried on his birthday, but somehow the pain of losing him felt fresh as ever - like a wound that never healed. Except that it has. When I lost my dad I was 14 years old and was not a follower of Jesus. His death sent me into in depression  - a battle that lasted 10 years. At my worst, I was a shell of a person. 

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Why We Need Community + New Guest Post Series

Community has been on on my heart lately. One of my prayers it that this blog become a community for us to be our real selves; a place where we can feel safe to show our imperfections and bold enough to encourage one another. 

My life and faith wouldn't be the same without the supportive group of friends I have. There was a time in my life when I lived away from my family and couldn't make a friend to save my life. I've been on both sides of the fence and that's why I'm passionate about it.

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