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Don't Believe That You're Not Good Enough

Don't believe the lie. You know the one echoing inside your head, taunting you and whispering, "You're not good enough or smart enough". It says, " Because of your past you're not lovable". It encourages you to compare yourself to others so that you will think you're not beautiful, should be further along in life, and will always be alone. 

Insecurities - we all have them. They are birthed out of a feelings of inferiority.  For one reason or another we've bought a lie that some aspect of our self isn't good enough, causing us to think less of ourselves. 

At times I'm very insecure about my shyness. I'm a bubbly, silly, always laughing way-too-much kind of girl, but that's not a side of my personality many people see.

Why We Accept Less Than We Deserve

I absolutely love that quote because it so accurately depicts our nature as people. In The Perks of Being a Wallflower the characters are speaking in the context of romantic love, but if I remove the word love the concept still holds true. “We accept what we think deserve.” More specifically, we accept what is familiar, normal, or safe.

When you think about it, we not only accept the love we think we deserve, we accept the life style, friends, significant other, job, and respect (or lack of), but why?