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Why You Don’t Have to be Qualified to be Used Greatly

Have you ever felt unsure or hesitant about something God told you to do? Have you ever found yourself thinking, “Why would He choose me for this role” or “How will I be able to complete this task?”

I’m there right now. I’m overwhelmed, anxious, and a bit terrified.

Over the last three years God has called me out of my comfort zone more than I like.  I’m naturally shy, not a lover of the spotlight, yet God has placed me in leadership roles at work and at church making it impossible for me to hide behind my insecurities.

For Our Good, Not Our Comfort

Most (if not all) of us have been in a situation that seemed hopeless. We’ve prayed to God and sought after his guidance. We asked Him for answers, pleaded for His intervention, but didn’t see the results we hoped for.

God is sovereign and knows everything that has happened and will happen to us. More than that He loves us. We won’t always understand His methods and plan, but the book Romans does tell us that for the believer in Christ, God works all things for our good according to His purpose (Romans 8:28).