Find Your Focus

 Lately, I've been running around like a chicken with her head cut off. My to do list is overwhelming and I've been struggling to manage it all - writing blog posts, editing blog posts, working full-time, creating products for my Etsy shop, working out, and spending time with friends and family - it was beginning to take a toll on me. It all needed to be done but no matter how much I worked nothing was getting done as quickly as I would have liked.  

Then one evening while God spoke to me (through my thoughts) and told me what the real issue was.  He said, "You need to focus".

Let's define focus: to direct one's attention or efforts or to pay particular attention to something or someone.  As I meditated on this definition I realized though I was working on multiple things, I wasn't truly focusing on any of them. Since my attention was so divided productivity was low in every area.

Now I'm not saying that multitasking is terrible, and it shouldn't be done. There's a time and place for it. What I'm saying is that you're not going to make a significant impact when you're always giving 10 things 10% of your attention.  It's like trying to hold 10 face-to-face conversations at once. You won't be able able to fully engage every task when you spread yourself too thin. 

So I worked on my focus. I realized I can get it all done, just not all once. The key is pacing yourself. I sat down and decided which 2-3 things were the biggest priority. As I accomplished those things I checked them off my list and added 1-2 new tasks. At first this was hard for me (honestly, it still is because I want to accomplish everything immediately). But hopping from thing to thing is counter-productive.

As you take on this week I want to encourage you to focus, and I mean really focus. Get away from the mindset of busy and work to streamline your workload. My advice - focus on what is going to make an impact and move the dial so to speak.

Everything may seem urgent but is it all equally important?

I guarantee you the answer is no. There are some things that can wait and the earth will keep on spinning. If you're having trouble like I was then my last advice to you is to pray about it. God will never mislead you.

Happy Monday <3